You’re In.

Welcome to the 30 Day Meditation Challenge

If you don’t have time to read this right now, a copy of all this has also been emailed to you!

I appreciate and applaud your effort taking this first step. Meditation wasn’t easy for me when I got started.

One of the fantastic things about meditation is that you don’t need ANY gear or gadgets for it: you can just sit, close your eyes, and go! And with that…

Here’s your assignment for tomorrow:

30 seconds of meditation

I know, I know—you’re already thinking, “What?! HOW?!”

Don’t worry, we’ll get to that. For now, just do your best with this first 30 seconds. Whatever seems right, do that. Don’t overthink it.

Believe me, there’s lots to cover, and we also have 30 days, so no need to rush.

In fact, now’s a good time for an introduction…

I was probably in a similar spot as you, back in January 2010 when I started meditating. Two minutes felt like 2 hours—it was torture!

My name is Nathan. I grew up in Massachusetts, then moved to Los Angeles for college and lived there for a number of years before deciding to travel more.

I haven’t missed a day of meditation since May 20, 2010. Not kidding. I’ve been location independent since 2010 and even with all the travel, flights, buses, and regular stuff, it’s continued. I’ll tell you in another email how I’ve been able to do that, and how you could, if you like.

I absolutely remember sitting on my living room floor in LA in 2010: I just wanted to stop meditating! It seemed impossible to sit still and relax my mind. Thankfully, I don’t (always) feel that way anymore. 🙂


Do I have all the answers?

Well that’s a big ol’ NOPE.

Am I perfect?

Uh, no way. Let me get out my list….

I’m a guy who’s been meditating for a while, who enjoys it, sees value in it, and who also happens to be web savvy. So, I wanted to see if I could share what I’ve learned in an easy and fun way with others.


One quick housekeeping note:

I’ll be sending out all emails at 5 pm EST, to help you prepare for the next day. Just an idea: do the meditation in the morning before you check email and social media—you might even have less swimming around in your head to calm!

Good luck with the 30 seconds. You may hate it, you may love it; either way, you’re doing it, and that’s what makes the difference.

Ok, that’s enough for today!

Tomorrow, I’ll get into the scientific benefits of meditation, and share a few people you might know who do this.

All the best,


PS: have you challenged anyone or made yourself accountable yet?